Flash Gordon


SCI FI is giving a 21st century spin to one of science fiction's best-known names, Flash Gordon. The new Flash Gordon follows Flash (Eric Johnson) and his companions, Dale Arden (Gina Holden) and Dr. Hans Zarkov (Jody Racicot) through wild and momentous adventures.
They're ordinary people thrust, often against their wishes, into extraordinary circumstances. In fact, they are Earth's last defense against the forces of a merciless dictator named Ming (John Ralston).
As the series opens, we learn that Flash's father, the eminent scientist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, died in a lab fire when Flash was just 13.
Flash has no way of knowing that something is approaching that will undo all he thought he knew about his father's death, and set him on a path punctuated by overwhelming responsibility and euphoric victories.
Flash's adventure begins when a dangerous echo of his father's old experiments reach him. He seeks advice from his old flame, Dale. She's a reporter for their hometown TV station, and is engaged to police detective Joe Wylee (Giles Panton). Dale quickly becomes entangled with Flash in interstellar intrigue.
It's no coincidence that Dr. Zarkov, a quirky assistant to Flash's father, also reconnects with Flash right then. Zarkov warns of a trans-dimensional rift—a tear in the universe's fabric—like the one Flash's father was trying to create the night of the fire.
That discovery might just turn out to be the least mind-blowing one that Flash will face.

John Ralston (Ming), Jody Racicot (Dr. Hans Zarkov), Gina Holden (Dale Arden), Eric Johnson (Flash Gordon)

James Thorpe, Derick Martini, Steven Martini, Melody Fox, Gillian Horvath e Peter Hume.

Rick Rosenthal (Diretor), Robert Halmi Jr. (Produtor Executivo), Peter Hume (Produtor Executivo), Robert Halmi Sr. (Produtor Executivo), Matthew O'Connor (Produtor), Tom Rowe (Produtor), Pascal Verschooris (Produtor), James Thorpe (Co-Produtor Executivo), Ian Samoil (Primeiro Assistente), Susan Nestibo, Pamela Benwick (Assistente do Editor).

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EUA: 10 de Agosto de 2007

1ra Temporada - 22 episódios

SciFi - Sexta Feira às 9:00 PM (60 min.)
Episodio01 - Pilot

Data de Exibição EUA :

Sinopse Oficial :
Steven "Flash" Gordon is running in Kendall, Md.'s marathon, hoping to gain his record-setting third victory in the race. When he accomplishes this goal—despite having arrived just as the race started—he finds himself reunited with Dale Arden, his high-school sweetheart.
It's a difficult reunion for Flash. Dale went to Yale and has become a local TV reporter. Flash still lives at home with his mother and works as a mechanic. His father died years ago, and his mother has been ill, though she's doing better lately.
Oh, and Dale's engaged to be married to a detective on the local police force.
Interestingly, a strange man is following him. This turns out to be Dr. Hans Zarkov, who used to be Flash's father's lab assistant on the Portage Initiative. Flash had never met Zarkov and never heard of the Portage Initiative that Zarkov mentions.
Zarkov comes off as a nut, especially when he talks as if Flash's father is still alive.
Dale, meanwhile, has her hands full with alien sightings, one by a truck driver, one by people in a bowling alley. She's all too happy to dismiss these as whack jobs, but then a body is found—or, rather, what's left of one. The victim has been burned from the inside out.
Flash figures this is connected to his father's death and mysterious work, and Dale smells a story, so the two of them track Zarkov down.
He reluctantly explains that the Portage Initiative was a project that attempted to open entries into other dimensions. They opened one, and Flash's father went into it. He didn't die in a fire, as Flash and his mother had been told. He just never came back through the rift.
Zarkov has detected a new rift, which is probably where the alien came from.
Said alien goes to the Gordon house and takes over Flash's mother's mind. It uses her to call Flash and ask him where the Imex is. Flash has no idea what it is, and neither do Dale or Zarkov.
But Flash's main concern is his mother. They go to the house to find the alien controlling his mother. Among the three of them, they electrocute it.
Amidst the alien's remains: Flash's father's driver's license.
Zarkov detects another rift opening, and Flash is determined to go through it. Dale tries to stop him only to be swept with him from this world—to another world, one with three moons and a spectacular cityscape.

Elenco :
John Ralston (Ming), Jody Racicot (Dr. Hans Zarkov), Gina Holden (Dale Arden), Eric Johnson (Flash Gordon)

Protagonistas :

Atores Convidados :
Anna Van Hooft (Aura), Carmen Moore (Jolie), Jill Teed (Norah), Jonathan Walker (Rankol), Giles Panton (Joe), Karen Cliche (Baylin), Panou (Nick), Alejandro Abellan (Ernesto)

Escrito por :
Peter Hume

Dirigido por :
Rick Rosenthal

Data de Exibição EUA :

Sinopse Oficial :
Baylin has taken to living in the trees and stealing food to survive until she can get the Rift Blaster back from Flash. What she doesn't know is that the Rift Blaster is broken. However, Zarkov thinks he's fixed the Rift Blaster, and a rift has opened for them to test it on. Flash joins Zarkov to track the rift, only to find that Zarkov's repairs weren't complet. His Rift Blaster distorts the rift, trapping people between dimensions.
Worse: Somebody has come through the rift, leaving a murdered security guard in his/her/its wake. A park ranger was attacked too, but survived.
Flash goes home to find Baylin requesting shelter. He stranded her on Earth, so she feels he should house her until she can find a way back to Mongo. Flash reluctantly agrees, a turn of events that Dale thinks is a spectacularly bad idea.
Baylin recognizes the M.O. of the lethal person who came through the rift as being that of Tyrus. She ties up Flash and Dale and prepares to leave, but Tyrus breaks down the door. He was sent by Ming to retrieve Baylin, and he is also Baylin's bondmate.
Tyrus takes Baylin away, and Flash and Dale extricate themselves. Flash has a cell phone message from Zarkov: He's thinks he's really fixed the Rift Blaster this time and is heading to the rift. Only problem is, that's where Tyrus and Baylin are headed.
At the shipyard, with Zarkov watching, Baylin manages to escape Tyrus's clutches and take his laser whip. Tyrus chases her, but leaves his working Rift Blaster behind, which Zarkov grabs.
Tyrus returns and threatens to kill Dale unless Flash produces Baylin. Baylin chooses to surrender to him rather than let Dale die, but Flash uses the broken Rift Blaster to distort the rift, and manages to knock Tyrus into it, killing him.
Unfortunately, it also collapses the rift. Flash's search for his father must wait for another day.
Meanwhile, on Mongo, a well-regarded Verdan has been caught ice smuggling. While Rankol thinks that executing him and creating yet another Verdan martyr is dangerous, Ming insists.
However, the Verdan's bondmate pleads to Aura for clemency: He was only smuggling the ice because they needed it for their ill daughter. Aura, in turn, appeals to Ming to spare him, because he only acted out of love.
Ming's response: The family receives 25 rations of source water and the best medical care for their daughter. The ice smuggler is still executed.

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